BE-terna Payroll for Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia

by BE-terna

Functionalities required for payroll calculation

The standard BE-terna Payroll for Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia product is a good fit for small to medium sized companies that have internal resources that process payroll. Due to its configurability it could also be used by interim work agencies or accounting companies for payroll processing purposes. It covers Basic HR employee data that allows for entry of payroll relevant employee data. For larger companies we can integrate it with more advanced HR modules and expand the module with special customizations.


  • Basic Employee information, such as Personal and Contact information, Addresses, Bank Accounts, Work period
  • Employee Relatives and ability to set Relatives as Tax dependents
  • Employee Employment and employment Assignment details (such as Job, Organization Unit, Financial Dimensions)
  • Employee Compensation and Benefits:
    • Salary, Transport, Meal, Benefits, Other Additions
    • Employee Categories that affect calculation of contributions and taxes
    • Pension Insurance
  • Predefined setup for most used types of settlement for different incomes from employment and non-employment.
  • Absence Confirmation and Refunding.
  • Calculation and Reporting of Salary and other income based on employment
  • Calculation and Reporting of other income from non-employment
  • Calculation of Deductions
  • Payments
  • Reporting

For additional HR functionalities inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, such as Absence and Attendance management, refer to our Extended BE-terna Human Resources for Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia app.

Calculation of Payroll is mainly dependent on legal regulation and requirements arising from collective bargaining. BE-terna Payroll for Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia is developed to cover requirements on Adriatic market (mainly Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia).

Contact information:

General overview:

Supported editions:

This extension supports both the Essential and Premium editors of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported country:

The app is available for Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia.

Supported Languages:

The app is available in Croatia (Croatian), Serbia (Serbia), Slovenia (Slovenian) and English (United Kingdom).

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