AL Extended Dimensions

by AppLibra srl

Adds dimensions' columns to the ledger entry tables and pages

Any troubles in finding ledger entry data related to a specific dimension value?

Classifications are a waste of time because of limited filtering options?

Features and benefits of using this app

AL Extended Dimensions is what you need!

This app adds personalized columns to better filter and optimize your research.

It displays up to six dimensions more and allows you to filter data through them. You might also want to insert default dimension values directly on the page card.

In addition AL Extended Dimensions gives you the chance to create Pivot tables with customized and focused statistics.

All the above extensions are made available for the following ledger entry tables:

  • Bank Account Ledger Entry
  • Capacity Ledger Entry
  • Cust. Ledger Entry
  • Employee Ledger Entry
  • G/L Entry
  • Ins. Coverage Ledger Entry
  • Item Ledger Entry
  • Job Ledger Entry
  • Maintenance Ledger Entry
  • Phys. Inventory Ledger Entry
  • Res. Ledger Entry
  • Service Ledger Entry
  • Value Entry
  • Vendor Ledger Entry
  • Warranty Ledger Entry

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Supported Editions

This app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported Countries

AL Extended Dimensions is available in English for the following countries: Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Italy, Norway, United States, Austria, Polland, Estonia, France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Canada.

Supported Languages

English, Italian

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