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Track changes of item prices over time with a detailed view of what the price was at any given time.

The BCILITY Price History application for Business Central automates the tracking of sales and purchase price changes. It makes it easy to monitor and report on price changes over time. The application stores detailed information about price changes, including date and time stamps, and the user who did the change. It then provides quick and easy access to this information in a single view, allowing you to quickly identify trends and spot opportunities. The application also helps reduce manual data entry and speeds up the process of making pricing adjustments.

Additionally, the application can be used to generate price history reports, which can be used to analyze price changes and inform future pricing decisions.


    • Automated Price Change Logging: Automatically track and log any sales or purchase price changes to ensure that all price changes are accurately recorded and tracked.
    • Historical Price Comparison: Compare current prices to historical prices to detect and prevent any potential pricing discrepancies.
    • Price Adjustment History Page: Review any price adjustments which are made through Price History Page, so that the changes can be quickly addressed.
    • Reporting: Generate reports to track and monitor pricing changes over time.


    • Increased cost savings - By saving the sales and purchase price changes, businesses can quickly access the most up-to-date information on prices, making it easier to identify opportunities for cost savings.
    • Improved customer service - By being able to quickly and easily access historical price information, businesses can provide better customer service by being able to quickly and accurately answer customer queries.
    • Greater efficiency - With historical price information at their fingertips, businesses can make more informed decisions when it comes to setting prices, allowing them to maximize profits while minimizing costs.
    • Improved data accuracy - With accurate historical price data, businesses can ensure that their pricing information is up-to-date and correct. This helps to eliminate discrepancies in pricing and prevent costly mistakes.
    • Enhanced reporting capabilities - By having access to historical price information, businesses can generate more detailed and accurate reports, giving them a better understanding of their performance and allowing them to make better-informed decisions.


BCILITY Price History is available for free.

Additional customizations upon request are possible and prices would be available when requesting a Quote.

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