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Use the Connector 365 E-POST to send documents while saving time and manpower.

Manual letter mailing is slow

Sending out a large amount of documents manually via letter is a very time and manpower consuming process. All the documents must be manually printed, enveloped and stamped, this takes valuable time out of the work day that could be spend elsewhere in a more productive manner.

We will help you speed it up

The Connector 365 E-POST helps you automate this process by outsourcing the arduous part of sending your documents via letter to the Deutsche Post via the E-POSTBUSINESS API service. With the press of a button the documents are transmitted to the Deutsche Post, where the rest of the sending process is handled automatically. Even large amounts of documents will be handled in a short time.

After processing your documents, our solution gives you the option to check the status of individual documents. This allows you to easily monitor who received an document, its contents and in case that there was an issue with the letter, it will be displayed as well.

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This app supports both the Essential and the Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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German (Germany), English (United States)

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