Catchweight Management


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Catchweight Management can be use for items where the exact weight can differ from unit to unit.

Catchweight Management is crucial across various industries, especially where products’ weights can vary due to factors like moisture content, density, and natural variations. These industries can be Food and Beverage, Chemical, Agricultural, etc.

Catchweight items include goods like fresh produce, bulk grains, or liquids where the exact weight can differ from unit to unit.

Catchweight items usually require double-value transactions,

  • Based on Handling Unit of measure: This is usually the unit of measure accepted by the business partners to define the transaction (number of pieces for example),
  • Based on Weight: This is basically what will define the price, cost and adjust actual inventory.

Managing Catchweight items involves several steps:

    • Purchasing: Procure catch-weight items.
    • PO Receiving: Receive items and record their initial weights.
    • Order Management: Handle sales and transfer orders.
    • Warehouse Management: Perform picking/shipment and receipt/put-away operations.
    • Invoicing: Complete the transaction.
    • Inventory Management: Track stock levels and valuation

In summary, Catchweight Management is essential for accurate inventory tracking, efficient operations, and compliance with industry standards in diverse sectors.

The Catchweight Management app by Bricklead supports all these processes.

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