CS Preorder Manager

by Central Solutions

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Manages preorders for seasonal sales in the future

Manage preorders for any industry, plan seasonal purchases and receipts and replace or cancel items that run out of collection

Sell your producs before they are even purchased! And plan the purchase receipts in seasonal drops in order to deliver just in time to your customers. CS Preorder Manager supports item forecasts in the future and replaces any item in sales orders that are taken out of collection.

CS Preorder Manager works closely together with CS Fashion Central Essentials, but can be used independently. The app is functional for any industry that is familiar with presales and seasonable deliveries. The instant view gives a clear insight in expected sales per item, enables requisition worksheets to propose purchases for preorders separately per drop and provides the unique facility to replace or cancel items in sales orders and forecasts.
The right combination of standard solutions to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will fit perfectly.

CS Preorder Manager provides:

  • Function to register sales order als Preorder. The availabillity check function of Items in preorders is suppressed;
  • Use of requisiton worksheets and purchase plannings based on either Preorders or regular sales orders;
  • Plan the delivery of sales orders and purchase orders in various drops (delivery windows) per season;
  • Replacement or cancellation of items that are not taken into collection;
  • Cancellation of items after the ending date of a delivery window (cancellation date);
  • Quantity cancelled and Quantity cancelled (base) in sales order lines and sales order archive.

CS Preorder Manager improves sales forecasts for preorders that are expected to be future deliveries and reduces the risk of purchasing too many items. CS Preorder Manager saves time and money in maintaining preorders that are adjusted in the future by replacing or cancel items in any sales order automatically.

Supported Editions:

The app supports the SAAS versions of the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries:

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States.

Supported Languages:

This app is available in English and Dutch (Nederlands).

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