CereTax for D365 Business Central

by CereTax, Inc.

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Simplify sales tax complexity with CereTax for Microsoft Dynamics

CereTax’s all-in-one sales tax solution seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Dynamics, automating sales and use tax for complex industries and enterprise level challenges. Utilizing countless technological advancements, CereTax was engineered in a way that truly revolutionizes the way a tax calculation platform operates, focusing on speed, dependability, scalability, accuracy, and customization. With CereTax, you’ll have confidence that your business has the tools to:

  • Collect the correct taxes everywhere you do business
  • Avoid underpayment or overpayment of taxes on purchases
  • Stay in compliance and be audit ready
  • Easily track and report advanced analytics
  • Grow painlessly as you add new products, add new markets, and acquire companies
  • Always get the answers when you need them with world-class support

The CereTax integration to Dynamics 365 for Business Central can help your business:

  • Calculate tax accurately on sale and purchase transactions, including quotes, orders, returns, and credit memos
  • Validate your customer, vendor, and business addresses to help ensure rooftop-level accuracy for tax situsing
  • Manage customer exemptions directly within Microsoft Dynamics

    Contact CereTax to learn more about their Dynamics 365 for Business Central integration.

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