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Do you require an inbuilt Quality Control to ensure your Product Quality? NB Quality is the Answer

Our NB Quality app will help your business to ensure that the products received from your vendors and products that are manufactured in-house adheres to a defined set of quality parameters and meets the requirements of your customer.

Features and Benefits of NB Quality App

        • Create your own list of parameters to be tested depending on nature of the product or product group.
        • Create inspection plans by combining parameters you already defined and assigning acceptable limits for each parameter.
        • Create and maintain Sampling plans.
        • Associate required tools or equipment to Inspection Plans.
        • Activate the Quality Control process wherever necessary for your business process. At the time of receiving raw materials, manufacturing process, transferring stocks to a different location.
        • Implement a precise control of incoming raw materials or produced finished goods by assigning predefined test plan to each item.
        • In-process testing based on a quality plan assigned to an operation in the routing process.
        • Quickly and easily record inspection results and accept or reject the products.
        • Print Certificate of Analysis that shows inspection results.
        • The system also allows you to evaluate your vendors and maintain records for future reference based on quality testing history on QC.
        • Directly built in Business Central, you don’t need to maintain a 3rd party quality control system.
        • Visibility of testing engineers’ tasks.
        • Manage your testing equipment used in quality control department with its calibration data.

This Add-on module on Business Central can be configured easily with flexible functionalities to support multiple Quality Management processes.

Pricing: 100 USD per month (for upto 10 users); For further details, pls contact

Supported countries:
United Arab Emirates, India

Supported Languages:

This App is available in English (UK) and English (US)

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