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Automatically send your invoices and other documents directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central

With Multinav Mail, we extend both manual and process-based generation of documents to include sending to customers and suppliers. This saves you time and money. The individual templates leave plenty of room for your personal adjustments, for example your own design, various e-mail attachments, multilingual use, etc.

Application Scenarios

Some examples of typical usage scenarios, e.g.:

  • Invoices and Reminders: Individual invoice sending as a PDF by e-mail. The relevant receipts are attached to the credit note or reminder. Check backs in accounting are reduced in this way.
  • Order confirmation: Combine your order confirmations directly with sending other documents that you would like to make available to your customers.
  • Sending of Offers: E-mail templates and file attachments simplify your sales processes. Recipient and sender are automatically taken from the receipt. Individual, automatic e-mails bring flexibility to the process. The templates can also be controlled in multiple languages.
  • Shipment notifications: In combination with Comsol Multiship shipping solution, your shipping information, including a tracking link, can be sent fully automatically.


Based on individual templates numerous possible features are available, e.g.:

  • Recipient and sender: Flexible control of the recipient(contact on document, specific contact person, etc.) and sender (responsible person of the document, process-related, separate mailbox, etc.).
  • Multilingual handling: Easy handling of different languages. A single template (e.g. for sending receipts) can be defined multilingual and automatically uses the language that is related with the document.
  • Mail-Body: Design the entire mail content conveniently in the extensive editor. With the inserted replacements, Multinav Mail accesses any field information from Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  • Quick parts for attachments: Linked quick modules (saved attachments) are managed clearly and centrally. They can be assigned to any number of templates as an attachment and only have to be changed in one place when updating.


Commercial Plan

The price is € 100.00 / month plus VAT regardless of the number of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users. The minimum term is 12 months. Automatic renewal for 12 months if not canceled within 3 months. Billing takes place 12 months in advance.


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Supported editions

Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

All countries

Supported Languages

German(Germany) and English (United States)

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