COSMO E-Balance

by Cosmo Consult

Create electronic tax balance sheet directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central

The COSMO E-Balance sheet software allows you to create a tax balance sheet in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, assign the appropriate taxonomy and forward it to the tax office.

With COSMO E-Balance, you can easily create an electronic tax balance sheet from the trade balance sheet in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Intelligent functions support data preparation. This means that specific account balances can be optionally assigned according to tax rates. Plausibility checks monitor data completeness and compliance with annual accounts requirements. Use COSMO E-Balance to create and archive reconciliation or the postings that result in the tax balance. Assigning the accounts to the taxonomy is done once only and can be carried over for subsequent years. After completing the tax balance sheet with your software, you can run an Elster Rich Client (ERiC) inspection routine by the financial authorities in order to ensure the tax balance sheet will be accepted by the tax office.

Your advantages at a glance

  • COSMO E-Balance for Dynamics 365 Business Central is an integrated tool for creating, maintaining and transmitting an electronic tax balance sheet
  • Elster Rich Client validates the tax balance sheet before sending it to the tax office
  • Use of all BMF (German Federal Ministry of Finance) predescribed taxonomies for the tax balance sheet
  • Data provision for COSMO E-Balance from the closing balances of the trade balance sheet with creation date logging
  • Plausibility checks monitor data completeness and the annual accounts requirements
  • Option of breaking down account balance by tax rates
  • The processing rules are derived from the taxonomy
  • When creating the e-balance sheet, the live reporting tool shows the development of the balance sheet balances
  • Processing and transmission of the e-balance sheet data without media disruption
  • Tax accounts for several companies can be managed at the same time
  • Archiving of historical e-balance sheets and postings
  • Logging of successful transmission to the tax office via Elster Rich Client

Supported Editions

This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries


Supported Languages

The app is available in German (Germany) and English (United States).

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