EURO Conversion Tool

by DignetSoftware d.o.o.

It is created for converting amount fields from local currency to EUR currency.

The conversion is based on the fixed exchange rate defined by the local government at least six months prior to the conversion date and is set on the General Ledger Setup.

The EURO Conversion Tool is setup-based. This enables the possibility to perform conversion on all tables inside NAV/BC365 database – standard, localization or customized. Also, it enables the categorization of the records inside the tables that will be processed according to the set filters. Filters can be set for the local currency, EUR currency and foreign currency to ensure different amount conversion processes. The EURO Conversion Tool has advanced actions and controls to ensure that registers are adjusted and G/L accounts are in the balance after amounts are converted. We can provide EURO Conversion Tool for different NAV and BC365 versions – both for OnPrem and SaaS. Also, there is an additional option for large OnPrem databases, which will reduce processing time to a minimum. More information about it on request.

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