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Integrate your Toggl Track with Business Central Jobs and Job Tasks

The Toggl Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will save you time setting up projects and posting consumption by enabling you to import and export data to/from Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Master Data

Master data can be imported from Toggl to Business Central:

  • Toggl Clients will be imported and automatically linked to Business Central Customers, if the Names correspond
  • Toggl Projects will be imported and linked to Business Central Jobs and Job Tasks, if the Project Name in Toggl corresponds with the Job and Job Task Description in Business Central
  • Toggl Tasks will be imported and linked to Business Central Job Tasks, if the Project Name and Task Name correspond with the respective Job and Job Task in Business Central

Any suggested links (based on corresponding Names and Descriptions) can be overridden in Business Central, if you prefer a manual setup of time allocation for some or all Toggl Projects and Tasks.

Likewise, Business Central Job Tasks can be exported to Toggl:

  • Business Central Job Sell-to Customer will be exported to a Toggl Client
  • Business Central Job will be exported to a Toggl Project
  • Business Central Job Task will be exported to a Toggl Task in the Toggl Project

The Business Central pages Toggl Clients, Toggl Projects and Toggl Tasks will show a complete overview of the corresponding master data in Toggl and the current mapping to Business Central master data.

Time Entries

Once master data is set up, the integration can import Toggl Time Entries to a Business Central Job Journal for posting to the linked Jobs and Job Tasks.

Users in Toggl are matched to Resources in Business Central by their Name and the Journal Lines are created automatically with the Unit Cost and Unit prices of the Resource set up in Business Central for the given Job and Customer.

Any changed Toggl Time Entries are automatically updated while still in the Job Journal, but once posted to the Job Ledger in Business Central, any potential changes to an entry performed in Toggl will be ignored by Business Central.

Supported Editions

The Business Central Toggl Integration App supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

The app is available in all countries.

Supported Languages


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