Invoice and Statement Delivery

by ERP Connect Consulting LLC

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Automatically send emails for Invoices, Statements, Payment Reminders, and more!

Currently supported localizations include the United States and Canada.

Includes Free 30-Day Trial.

Invoice and Statement Delivery (ISD) allows you to streamline the email process of Documents like Invoices, Credit Memos, Payment Receipts, Past Due Reminders and Statements within Business Central. By using ISD, you are now able to automatically email documents upon posting of the transaction, or use the ISD Dashboards to send invoices and supporting documentation directly from the dashboard in bulk.

ISD also allows users to automate the dunning process by scheduling upcoming and overdue invoice notices to be automatically sent, as well as handle the customer statement distribution process, all without human intervention.

In addition to sending emails, ISD also allows users to update certain fields on Posted Invoice and Posted Credit Memo Records, so that you can correct Invoices and Credit Memos without having to Cancel and Re-Create those Invoices and Credit Memos.

Use Cases

  • Send Invoices, Credit Memos, and Payment receipts automatically when these documents are posted.
  • Send Invoices, Credit Memos, and Payment receipts from a dashboard.
  • Send Customer Statements from a dashboard, or on a regular schedule (such as last day of the month) via email.
  • Send Invoice, Credit Memo, and Payment Receipts on a nightly job queue.
  • Include copies of all invoices when sending statements to customers automatically.
  • Automatically send emails for upcoming invoices that have not been paid but due date is within a certain threshold.
  • Automatically send emails for overdue invoices that have not been paid on a regular cadence until payment has been received.
  • Send Invoice Reminders or Overdue notices from a dashboard individually or in bulk.
  • Update fields such as Customer, Address, Contact, Dates, Payment Terms, External Document, and Salesperson on a posted Sales Invoice.
  • Create Recurring Orders and Invoices for easier recurring billing management.

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