Project Management (GB)

by ERP Connect Consulting LLC

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The Business Central Jobs Alternative

This version supports the GB Localizations only. For Additional Localizations see Additional App Listings.

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Project Management for Business Central offers significant advantages over standard Business Central Jobs. This allows Business Central to link Sales Orders and Purchase Orders to the project and utilize standard workflow for processing those documents.

Functionality Includes:

  • Projects can be setup with phases, tasks, and task checklists similar to Microsoft Planner
  • Tasks and task lists can be assigned to both internal and external users
  • Includes project dashboard with project calendar, gantt chart, and many analytical metrics
  • Automatically emailing when tasks are due
  • Projects are auto-linked to a user defined dimension for ease of use from all Sales and Purchasing Transactions
  • Financial Reports for each project
  • Attach Documents at a Project and Task Level
    • Includes the ability to take pictures and auto attach
  • Export Project Details into Excel
    • Includes Open Sales Order, Purchase Orders, Time Journals, and other important information for the project in a unified excel sheet broken out by various tabs.
  • Advanced Timesheet allows for greater flexibility and ease of use
    • Enter time from the task or from your timesheet at a detailed or summary view
  • Resource Planner to view by day, week, or month
  • Create Contractor Time either by a Purchase Invoice, or Timesheet that creates Purchase Invoice
  • Seamless integration with Continia Expense Management to reimbursed expense billing

Note: This extension does not enhance the jobs module as it is intended to be a replacement to the jobs module for clients without WIP needs on projects/jobs.

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