Advanced Default Dimensions

by Fenwick

Improve productivity with usability and feature enhancements for Default Dimensions

We've enhanced Default Dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with new features and productivity improvements.

Create a Parent/Child link between Dimensions

Create a hierarchy between Dimensions for more powerful reporting and filtering without having to use Dimension Value Totalling or Item Category hierarchies.

This also improves data accuracy by providing better control of which Dimension Values are entered by users and makes data entry simpler.

Fast Dimension Editing

We've put Dimensions on Master Data Cards to let you change them more easily.

Filtering on Shortcut Dimensions

Shortcut Dimensions can also be shown on List pages which adds powerful filtering capabilities for all types of Dimensions, not just Global Dimension 1 & 2.

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What is Fenwick Gold?

Fenwick Gold is a suite of apps that extend base functionality in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Previously built for Dynamics NAV, we now provide this expertise via AppSource.

About Fenwick

Fenwick is a Dynamics 365 Business Central consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. We have over 40 years experience in the system implementation space.

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Supported Editions

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

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