Go4TMS - Container Transport

by Go4Logistics NV

Go4TMS: the solution for managing and planning container transports via road, rail, water and air

Do you lose a lot of time entering your transport orders? And do mistakes creep in?
Are you swamped with orders every minute of the day? Orders that also change as the day progresses?

As an enterprise in the transport sector, you’ve always got a lot to deal with at once! That’s why Go4TMS offers a complete solution: from drafting the transport file and order administration, to planning, to invoicing; in short, the management from start to finish. Go4TMS takes the specific needs of every type of transport into account.

Go4TMS saves you all that manual work and eliminates errors, not only when creating your transport files but also at the order administration process. The visual planning tool makes your planning a whole lot easier. You get the right insights at the right time, so your customers always receive their shipments on time and in the desired quality.

On top of the standard Go4TMS functionality, this Go4TMS - Container Transport app adds specific functionality for container transport:

  • Manage specific order information for containers: Container Number, Container Type, Seal Number, Vessel info, Carrier, Closing Date, References or Pincodes to pick up a container, Weight of the container, etc.

  • Register all the actions required for a container transport: Depot Out, Depot In, Pick Up, Drop At, Scanning, Customs, Cleaning, Weighing, etc.

  • Planning on trucks and container chassis becomes child’s play with the visual planning tool.

  • Make efficient combinations of pick ups and drops of containers to avoid empty trips.

  • Group transports of multiple 20ft containers on 1 chassis.

  • Get alerts when an empty container can be reused for another order to eliminate unnecessary trips and save costs.

  • Follow up the status of the empty and full containers: Picked Up, Dropped, Loaded, Unloaded, Ready for Pickup, etc.

  • Track the locations where containers are dropped

  • Send real-time updates to your customers when a container was picked up/dropped

  • Import container orders using our optional Go4TMS - Order Import module

  • ...

Do you also want to manage and plan your container transports better with Go4TMS? Contact us for more information and we will show you all

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