Go4TMS - Self-billing

by Go4Logistics NV

Go4TMS - Self-billing: Using self-billing in the transportation business

With Self-billing enabled in Go4TMS the possibility is created on the sales as well as on the purchase side to work with proposals.

By using Self Billing in sales invoicing, instead of invoicing revenues directly to your customer, revenues are now invoiced through so-called revenue proposals. A revenue proposal can be of the type incoming or of the type outgoing. In case of an incoming revenue proposal your customers send a self-billing proposal with the revenues which you may invoice to them. You can check this self-billing proposal with your own calculated revenues, to check if your customer did not forget to allow some revenues to be invoiced. In case of an outgoing revenue proposal you first send a revenue proposal (pre-invoice) to your customer, to ask for acceptance of the proposed revenues, before making the real invoice. After approval of the revenue proposal, it can be copied to a sales invoice.

By using Self-billing in purchase invoicing, instead of having invoiced the costs directly by your supplier, costs are now invoiced after sending a so-called cost proposal to your supplier. The (automatically) calculated costs, based on the tariffs that are defined in the system for the supplier, are grouped on a cost proposal. After grouping the costs on one or more cost proposals it can be emailed to your supplier. Afterwards a previously sent cost proposal is selected and the costs are applied to a purchase invoice for your supplier.

  • Creation of revenue proposals (incoming and outgoing) on the sales side;
  • Sending outgoing revenue proposals to your customers;
  • Revenue proposals copied to a sales invoice after approval;
  • Creation of cost proposals on the purchase side;
  • Sending cost proposals to your suppliers;
  • Previously sent cost proposals are applied to the purchase invoice.

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