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Accurately track the outstanding Orders while simultaneously reducing the unprocessed orders.

Document Short Close App ensures that all your entries of pending Purchase Orders or Sales Orders are closed on the stipulated time.

In businesses, sending or receiving the order quantity less than the placed order is common. The reasons for this shortage can be many but the consequences i.e., the process involved to close such entries is tedious and prone to errors as it is done manually. This is where Document Short Close App comes to rescue. It ensures that such contingencies are managed effortlessly and that too documents-wise and item-wise, both.

Few scenarios where Document Short Close could prove as an effective tool are as below.

Case 1: A company places an order for 1000 pieces for an item against a vendor. The vendor, considering the quantity available in his inventory, can dispatch only 960 pieces. He would be able to dispatch the remaining 40 items when he has enough inventory. So, the order placed remains pending for an until those 40 items are yet to be received. This might occur for multiple parties too which leads to multiple pending orders. In this scenario, the company may want to close the order and not keep it pending just for those remaining 40 quantities. Document Short Close helps in foreclosing the order of 1000 pieces by creating a negative entry for the outstanding 40 quantities which is yet to be received from the party.

Case 2: An Order was placed for various items and the party was not able to dispatch any of the items. So instead of manually foreclosing the individual item, the user can cancel the whole order with the help of the Document Short Close app.


  • Short Closing Pending orders for both Sales and Purchase Orders.
  • Specific item wise Short Close for a specific document.
  • Document wise Short Close having multiple Items.
  • A separate view for Short Closed orders(Purchase/Sales) which bifurcates it from Open orders.


  • Reduces manual effort of creating entries to close the pending quantities for specific items
  • Accurately tracks outstanding quantities on Purchase or Sales Orders to short close a particular Item’s unfulfilled demand (as that item may be booked for multiple Purchase or Sales orders against different vendors or customers respectively)
  • Reduces pending orders within the system which might have been unprocessed for more than stipulated time

Try this app now for automating the Short Closing of documents and making the process error-free and seamless.

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This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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United States

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 This app is available in English (United States)

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