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Use Item Code Generator to keep a track of your inventory items from lists, invoices, order forms.

Do you have a bulk of inventory with long descriptions and complicated numbers? Do you find it difficult to search for or identify a particular item? And thus, are you not able to keep a track of your inventory?

If you or your system can’t uniquely find an item, you can’t possibly know its activity, whereabouts, or status within your inventory. A small business that doesn’t store much inventory is good to go. But large companies or companies handling retail products have varied items. It is a hassle for them to either give long and complex descriptions or numbers to each inventory item. This is where item codes come into the picture. Item codes are used to uniquely identify your inventory items. Item codes also serve as a short form of long item descriptions. Thus, they help in streamlining the data entry process and inventory management. Item Code Generator provides you custom codes to each item based on some logic or algorithm. You can create a system that's easier to work with and uses your own unique and customized numbers. It generates a uniform item master automatically, so you have a list of all the item codes. You can also add the dependency of attributes i.e., some elements of the code appear only when a certain element is selected. Item Code Generator makes your work easier and streamlines the process of inventory and supply chain management.

  • Generates uniform item master automatically
  • Checks and notifies for duplicate Item code
  • Step by step category attribute selection to generate a unique Item code
  • Creates Logical item parameter
  • Automatically generates item description based on selected attributes value
  • Generated Item Code will be listed in item master automatically
  • Attach item DATA TEMPLATE with item configurator
  • As inventory management becomes more efficient with Item Code Generator, it helps in identifying product loss and creating transparency.
  • Item codes are highly effective when you’re dealing with thousands of products. Naming them all and adding descriptions is a tedious task if done manually. This app avoids human errors like duplication in the counting of items, counting wrong items, etc.
  • Managing a huge inventory is difficult. With the Item Code Generator, knowing how much of each product is in hand becomes easy. You can set alerts when a certain product runs out of stock or is less than a minimum level set.

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This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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