DealerBox Leasing

by Intelligent Systems

Automotive financial and operational leasing management

Enhanced leasing management for automotive dealers and importers

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and DealerBox to manage your overall car sales, service, and spare parts, and you need to offer and manage financial and operating leases, the DealerBox Leasing module allows you that. Offer, contract, and manage leases, add multiple additional components to the vehicle lease. All fully integrated with DealerBox’ vehicle sales, service, and spare parts modules, giving you a complete overview of a vehicle’s history and cost.

The application covers the entire process of financial and operating leases of automotive sales, and it is a great ally in the day-to-day customers interactions and agreements.

Key functionalities

    • Integration with the Sales module of Dynamics 365 Business Central enabling the creation of payment plans via Sales Quotes
    • Payment plans with default parameters (term duration, interest rate, initial payment sum, and other charges that can be added in addition to the leased vehicle)
    • Manage and include in the lease Service Packages that combine services and parts (regular service, additional service, tires, pads, discs, wipers, filters etc.) and track their consumption
    • Fully integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central Accounting – automated creation of contract dimensions, recognizing leasing, interest rate and additional charges as revenue for future periods
    • Payment plan calculations with configurable default parameters (term duration, interest rate, initial payment sum, and other charges that can be added in addition to the leased vehicle)
    • Easy calculation of insurance amounts, taxes, residual value in the lease etc. based on mileage and term duration as well as make, model, equipment level, engine
    • Automatic generation of invoices based on the defined lease schedule and follow-through of late payments and late fees
    • Manage changes to ongoing contracts (e.g., changes in the number of installments and mileage, early repayment, termination in case of totaling, subrogation);
    • Manage vehicle buybacks
    • Integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central’s CRM module for tracking opportunities, the stages of a deal, its history, tasks, and interactions


    • Integrated with DealerBox Vehicles’ and Workshop modules – full information on the vehicle, incl. owner, user, technical and service information, and history
    • Manage both operational and financial leases
    • Contract statistics and easy navigation to all documents and operations performed on the contract
    • Ability to correct the content of service packages for each contract based on the customer needs

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Supported Languages: English (United States). Translation in different languages is possible.

Supported countries: All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available, except Czech Republic.

Supported Editions: Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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