Quality Management

by Intelligent Systems

Quality Management app for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Quality Management is developed by the Intelligent Systems team, and it is integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central. The app is designed to assist any organization wishing to record the results of tests performed by its QC department. Through its fully user configurable lists of test parameters, reference values, and predefined tests to be assigned to each item, the app makes recording QC results and analyzing the already performed tests a breeze. Tests can be performed for purchased, assembled or manufactured items.

Quality Management app is the right tool for:

  • Producers or companies who are using production materials.
  • Manufactures that are obliged to maintain and produce high-quality goods and provide records of the QC tests they perform.
  • Any company which performs in-house QC testing


  • Create your own list of parameters to be tested.
  • Create tests by combining parameters you already defined, and assigning acceptable value margins for each parameter
  • Activate “Quality Control” as mandatory for different locations.
  • Implement a precise control of incoming raw materials or output assembled/produced finished goods by assigning predefined tests to each item.
  • You can choose between an automatic or manual processing of quality control orders when purchasing, assembling or manufacturing an item.
  • Create a quality control for re-approval of production or materials, which have been already tested.
  • Ability to edit posted quality control orders.
  • Access to a quality control print form.


  • Provide a user-friendly interface to setup and record QC tests making the whole process easily accessible through a users phone or tablet
  • Simplify tracking and analysis of QC test results by providing a centralized repository of all test operations
  • Allow for centralized management at master data level of QC requirements
  • Enforce company compliance rules by making QC testing a mandatory step (dependent on setup) of the regular operational processes

Supported Languages:

This app is available in English (United States). Translation to other languages is possible.

Supported countries:

All countries where Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Supported Editions:

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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