Romanian e-Invoice

by Intelligent Systems

Automated integration with the Romanian e-Invoice platform

Romanian e-Invoice is an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that is designed to facilitate the compliance with the Romanian accounting and tax regulations. The application automates the process of sending posted sales documents from Dynamics 365 Business Central to ANAF through the RO E-invoice platform. Moreover, the tool monitors the response from the ANAF system and updates the submission status accordingly.


    • Posted sales invoices, debit memos, and credit memos are automatically sent to the ANAF platform, according to the requirements and regulations
    • Automatically insert the POS Transactions into the module for the main communication with ANAF
    • User-defined Customer card involving only particular customers in the e-Invoicing process
    • User-defined Item card involving only particular Items in the e-Invoicing process
    • Send and export multiple documents with a single click
    • Automatic refreshing of Access tokens for the communication with the authorities
    • Tracking of the submission status
    • History Log of documents sent
    • Easy setup and user-friendly design


    • Automated e-Invoice exchange process
    • Reduce mistakes by eliminating manual data processing
    • Save time by reducing the repetitive actions when sending many e-Invoices

In case of further changes in the accounting and tax legislation in Romania, the application will be adjusted accordingly.

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Supported Editions:  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium.

Supported Countries
All available countries, including Romania.

Supported Languages
This app is available in Romanian and English (United States). 

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