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Master Data Management System

IT.integro sp. z o.o.

5.0 (2)

Synchronize and exchange data with other parties between many Dynamics 365 Business Central database

Do you have problems to keep your data consistent with other group companies? We have the solution for it - Master Data Management System allows you to keep your data across the group companies unified when needed

Master Data Management System (abbrev. MDMS) is a module that allows users to set up any set of data within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central database and replicate it to another Dynamics 365 Business Central database to ensure data consistency.

You assign or create one database as the Master Database where all the master data are kept. App is particularly useful when company wants to create and maintain certain Dynamics 365 Business Central cards:
  • Items
  • Production BOM-s
  • Pricelists
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • many more
in one company – called “master” company - and afterwards synchronize it with subsidiaries (“receiver” companies).
Within the solution, subsidiaries do not create additional cards locally. This option is blocked. It is done in a central database, which is accessible to all subsidiaries. Data located in a central database is replicated to subsidiaries. Data editing is only possible in a central database, which ensures its full unification. Some data which is not set up centrally is managed locally in each company separately. The scope of replication as well as editing rights are fully customizable.
Users are allowed to set up any number of Receivers, which are target companies, to which data will be replicated. Structure of data replicated can be set up as Data Sets. Users can use any number of created Data Sets and set them up to be replicated to particular Receiver, using Replication card. Replication can be either Full or Incremental; while processing Incremental replication, only data changed from the last Replication will be exported.
Module uses SOAP Web Services as a data transport layer.
Benefits of our app:
  • Faster implementation of changes within the company – all modifications of global data (inventory, price lists, contractor data, etc.) are automatically transmitted to all subsidiaries.
  • Simplified and more efficient data management from headquarters
  • Complete master data synchronization in all subsidiaries
  • Coherent technical and marketing data
  • Streamlined data exchange (also EDI)
  • Production statistics – capability of comparing production data from multiple subsidiaries
  • Decreased inventory levels due to easier management of slow-moving stock in subsidiaries
  • Consolidation of costs and payables by means of central vendor card management
  • More effective control of receivables (both intercompany and external)

    Supported editions

    MDMS can be used with either the Essentials or Premium version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    Supported Countries

    US,Poland,Australia,Canada,UK,Germany,France,Spain, other