by IT Clad LLC

Blackjack is fun card game that will give you a chance take a break from your work.

* First, You must install the "IT Clad Base" extension before you install this extension, or the install will fail.
This prerequisite can be downloaded from AppSource here. This extension handles licensing.

1. A simple game of Blackjack. You're not betting anything real, and nothing is saved anywhere. Though this app is free, it requires the IT Clad Base extension to be installed first, and a free license acquired from the "IT Clad Licenses" page.
2. Every user will benefit from a break in what they are doing. Play a fun game, and then re-focus.
3. Having a quick game at your disposal within the system you are already working in is convenient and beneficial. It gives your mind a break so you can organize your thoughts.

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