Quote to Order Sets

by IT Clad LLC

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Specify during Sales Quote creation which No. Series and Dimensions will flow to the Sales Order.

* First, You must install the "IT Clad Base" extension before you install this extension, or the install will fail.
This prerequisite can be downloaded from AppSource here. This extension handles licensing.

Quote to Number Sets let you pre-define which No. Series will be used for the Quote and for the Order when it is converted.
Dimensions may also be defined, and will be enforced.

Quote to Order Sets are useful when there are multiple reasons for or multiple business units creating quotes and orders. Each business unit or income stream or reason can be represented by a different number series. This will help with identification of the order and will help when sorting and filtering the list of sales quotes and sales orders.

The "IT Clad Base" extension is required to get a license using the "IT Clad Licenses" page. The extension will work without a license in a Sandbox Environment or Test Company.

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