Localizacion Peru for Dynamics 365 Business Central

by LL Business Solutions LLC

Localization Perú develop by LLB Solution allows the compliance of all fiscal obligations.

The Peru Localization developed by LLB Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows the compliance of all the tax and accounting obligations of Peru and all specific laws and regulations, such as the billing complement requested by the SUNAT and the tax retention and reports.

This localization app is available for local or international companies with economic activity in Peru.

-Comply with accounting and tax requirements demanded by SUNAT.

- Adaptation of accounting and tax functionality according to Peru legislation.

-Integration already established with some electronic billing services agencies.

-Reports on magnetic format media and integration with electronic invoices and electronic accounts.

- Ensures constant updated according to legal modifications of Peru or new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central versions.

-Support in the functional and technical configuration and location training.

-Comprehensive training on best practices in Dynamics 365 Business Central ongoing support during data migration and go-live.

-Adjustment of terminology according to the region in the different standard Dynamics module.

Our Peru Localization provide the following features:


- Withholding ISR.

- Withholding IGV.

- Detractions.

- Perceptions.

- Tax exemptions.

- Additional tax.

Electronic documents:

- Invoice.

- Credit note.

- Debit note.

- Withholding proof (CRE).

- Perception proof (CPE).

- Referral guide.

- Electronic purchase settlements.


- Legal nature.

- Type of taxpayer.

- TAX classification.


- Type of identity documents.

- Purchase and sales debit note.

- Reference guides.

- ISR and IGV withholdings vouchers.

- Poof of deductions and perceptions.

- Sales and purchase debit notes.

- Management of third parties.


- Ledger.

- Daily book.

- Simplified dairy book.

- E-book program:

o Account details 12 clients.

o Account details 14 CXC shareholders.

o Account details 14 CXC miscellaneous.

o Account details 19 provision for collection account of dubious origin.

o Account details 20 merchandise.

o Account details 31 securities.

o Account details 34 intangibles.

o Account details 40 taxes payable.

o Account details 42 suppliers.

o Account details 46 various account payable.

o Account details 49 deferred earnings.

o Account details 41 remunerations payable to employees.

o Account details 47 – social benefits for workers.

o AF record- detail of the exchange difference.

- Deposit registry - for the consignor.

- Deposit registry – for the consignee.

- Permanent inventory record- detail in physical units.

- Cash book and banks.

- Valued inventory.

- Cash book and banks.

- Fixed asset books.

- Purchasing books.

- Detailed purchasing book.

- Sales books.

- Withholding from consolidated suppliers.

- Consolidated customer retentions.

- Withholding book.


Supported Editions

This app supports Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries


Supported Languages:

This app is available in English (United States), Spanish (Spain) and Spanish (Mexico).

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