Italian Bank Integration


Import and export bank files in CBI format.

Introducing our Italian Bank Integration for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Do you want to export and import bank files compliant with the CBI (Consorzio Bancario Italiano) format, used by banks in Italy?

This app is designed to help you synchronize your financial data in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central with Italian banks effortlessly. You can automate and streamline your financial transactions, saving time and reducing the risk of errors, saying goodbye to manual data entry and complex reconciliation processes.


Export files from BC with the updated EPC and CBI formats, valid from 17 March 2024:

  1. Bonifico Estero XML CBI, that allows the export of bank transfers also for payments outside the SEPA area.
  2. SEPA CT vendor bank transfers in the updated CBI 04.01 format.
  3. SEPA DD customer collections in the updated ISO pain 001.08 format.
  4. Automatically send payment notices to vendors, based on the vendor bills posted in Business Central.


  1. CBI RH Bank Statement: import bank transactions using the CBI RH format. It’s possible to use rules based on the CBI Reason Codes (causali), allowing you to quickly import and post bank transactions.
  2. CBI Dishonoreds (insoluti): import and process customer dishonoreds in CBI format.

Supported countries

The app is available in Italy.

Supported languages

The app is available in Italian and English.

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