Italian Electronic Invoicing


Fully integrated and complete solution to manage Electronic Invoicing in Italy

Introducing our Electronic Invoicing App for Italy for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Are you looking for a comprehensive and efficient solution to manage Electronic Invoicing (Fatturazione Elettronica) within your business operations in Italy?

Look no further!

Our Electronic Invoicing App is the perfect tool to streamline and simplify the entire sales and purchases process for companies operating in Italy, with full compliance with Italian regulations.


  1. Automatically create and send compliant XML files to the SDI government system for posted documents.

  2. Notifications from SDI are automatically synched in the system, and the current status is visible on the documents.

  3. XML files and notifications are preserved for 10 years.

  4. The documents can be previewed before sending them, both with styles heetsand XML.

  5. Specific configurations are available for Amazon, Stamp Duty, WithholdingTaxes, Jobs and so on…

  6. The PDF print of the document can be automatically embedded in the electronic document XML.

  7. Manually upload ZIP and XML files.


  1. The vendor documents are automatically loaded in the system as document previews.

  2. The previews shows the electronic document data and it’s possibile to print them with different layouts (eg.Assosoftware) and download any attachment the vendor has sent.

  3. The vendor and vendor bank account are automatically selected if they already exists, otherwise it’s possibile to quickly create them from the electronic document data using models.

  4. Document lines can be automatically compiled, using rules, from the information in the electronic document.

  5. Open purchase receipts can be matched against electronic documents, manually or automatically.

  6. The full self invoices and reverse charges process is automatically managed.

Dashboards and notifications

  1. Additional cues on Role Centers to monitor all the process.
  2. The documents exchanged with SDI are available in a web portal.
  3. Rejected documents can trigger automatic email notifications,


Activation of the app requires a valid subscription, which can be requested to the email address with the following company information: Company Name, Company Address, VAT Registration No., Current SDI Unique Code, Contact Name, Contact Email, Type of Account (regular or free trial), Nr. of additional documents (if needed).

Additional informations on the activation process are available in the official documentation.

The subscription has a cost of 800 EUR per year and is valid for all companies in a single tenant.

In addition to the app subscription, there is also a variable cost based on the number of documents that must be exchanged and preserved in a year, with unit cost for each document decreasing for higher volumes. The documents are valid only for a single legal entity. The app subscription includes 1000 sales documents and 1000 purchase documents, for a single legal entity.

Additional documents have a cost per year of:

  • 1000 sales and 1000 purchasedocuments: 200 EUR.
  • 2000 salesand 2000 purchase documents: 300 EUR.

It is possible to request a free trial for 30 days, which will enable actual connection with SDI to send and receive real electronic invoices.

Supported countries

The app is available in Italy.

Supported languages

The app is available in Italian and English.

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