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ReBilS - Recurring Billing Scheduler

ReBilS supports the recurring billing procedure and automates the billing logic. You can handle the subscription contracts of your customers in your ERP system.
Are you struggling with invoicing the periodic services or subscriptions? Managing the changes is complex and generates overhead? Do you have missed profit due to deficient records?
ReBilS helps you to store all the necessary data of your partner subscriptions in one platform. It is an excellent solution for managing Subscriptions, Licensing (e.g. IT Service), Maintenance (e.g. Repairs), Publishing (e.g. Newspapers), Contractual reviews, qualifications (e.g. Quality certification), Contractual services (e.g. Cleaning), Rentals or General services that require periodic invoicing.

Main features

  • Contract registration
    With registering the service agreements you can define the most important data of the contract like invoicing periodicity, items, amounts, prices, etc.
  • Registering end-users
    You can connect your contracts to your customers in Business Central but it also gives you the possibility to register end-users when the sales are indirect. You move end-users to another partner.
  • Freely adjustable invoice periods
    You can easily define the different billing frequency.
  • Price calculation considering the invoicing period
    The length of the period could influence the unit price and the solution counts the sales prices proportionately.
  • Individual or bulk invoicing
    You can create sales orders in bulk and it is possible to merge different contracts into one invoice.
  • Sending posted invoices automatically to the customer’s e-mail address
    With the Send by E-mail function, the system automatically sends the invoice to the e-mail address set up in the contact card.

Start using and try ReBilS for free and manage your subscriptions and services effectively. Contacts us and request your free license for up to 5 contracts.

Supported Editions

The ReBilS application supports every small and medium-sized business that uses Essential or Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hungary, New Zealand, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand.