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Escape Job Queue Entry limitations in Business Central. Simplify automation and ease your job!

Tired of dealing with the limitations of standard Job Queue Entries in Business Central?
Ready to streamline your automated processes without the hassle of constant manual
intervention? Look no further!

✨ Enhance Standard Functionality

Transform the way your job queues operate. Simplify management, receive timely
notifications for any task-related issues, and revolutionize your automation processes
with our Advanced Queues extension.

🤔 What's a Job Queue Entry?

A job queue is a scheduler system that automates tasks, running at scheduled intervals
or specific times. It eliminates the need for manual user intervention, operating seamlessly
in the background. While Business Central includes this functionality, it has its drawbacks...

🛑 Problems with Job Queue Entries

- No automatic restart after an error
- Lack of error notifications
- Risk of outdated data
- Manual user interaction required for task resumption
- Maintenance challenges
- Requires technical knowledge

☑️ Solutions to your problems

🆘 Problem:
My data hasn't been updated because the queue encountered an error, and unfortunately, nobody was aware of it, leading to a halt in its operation.
☑️ Solution:
We automatically restart the queue upon encountering an error. Additionally, we send an email notification to your selected recipients.

🆘 Problem:
I utilize an external e-commerce platform, running data sync through queues. My goal is to ensure everything stays up to date and promptly notify my IT department in case of any issues.
☑️ Solution:
We automatically initiate restarts for all queues that encounter errors and promptly notify your IT department with precise error details, ensuring faster issue resolution.

🆘 Problem:
Having multiple companies makes it time-consuming to compare queues across all companies.
☑️ Solution:
We've designed a user-friendly single page where you can effortlessly view queues from all companies, complete with their settings and error messages.

🆘 Problem:
I currently manage over 100 queues across multiple companies in the system. Is manual setup required for notification recipients?
☑️ Solution:
Effortlessly assign email recipients for all queues across all companies using just one action. From then on, the designated email recipients will receive error notifications for all queue-related issues.

🌟 Why Choose Advanced Queues?

- Boost efficiency with provided tools
- Simplify cross-company queue management
- Streamline data synchronization for external platforms
- Minimize manual effort in managing the queues

🤝 Why Us?

- Access comprehensive online documentation
- We're real people, ready to assist you
- Count on our support for your needs, questions, and challenges

Ready to revolutionize your job queue experience? Try Advanced Queues now! 🚀🔧
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Supported editions:
This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:
All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Supported languages:
English, Polish

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