NCPI Payments Import by NAVAX

NAVAX Consulting GmbH

Interface between your electronic banking (camt.052, camt.053, camt.054) and your accounting.

NCPI Payments Import extends Dynamics 365 Business Central with the functionality of importing the payment files that you can download from your bank to use in Business Central in a payment book sheet.
The following formats are supported:

  • camt.052 - includes the balance report and the intraday sales.
  • camt.053 - provides information about posted transactions on the relevant accounts.
  • camt.054 - informs about upcoming and posted transactions and their details.

Company Information:


Supported Countries:
Austria, Germany

Supported Languages:
German, English

Supported Editions:
Essentials, Premium

Trial Version:
The trial version is valid for 30 days.
After that the functions of the app can only be used with a valid license.

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