Search and Replace

by navida Informationssysteme

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navida's Search and Replace allows to search and replace on all journals and on major master data

Instead of time-consuming manual data changes, this app allows to search and replace a batch of records in one step. A new action Replace is available on any of the supported pages. In the web client it will show on the Home ribbon as a new action. On Tablets and mobile clients, the new action will show on top of the Process-Actions.


Analogical to the common Microsoft Office user experience the search and replace offers the following options:
  • Find whole word only
Specifies if records should only be replaced if the search value matches the whole content of the search field (and not only a part).
  • Match case
Specifies if Case should be considered while searching for the value.
  • Replace whole field
Specifies if the entire content of the field should be replaced if the search value was found - even if the search value is only a part of the original content


A preview function is available that lists all records that would be changed according to the current filtering and search term. It is available on the lower left next to the replace all action and will also show up as a notification after a search value was specified.

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