Anyware Retail for Dynamics 365 Business Central

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Increase efficiency by improving your product management and purchasing process of seasonal poducts.

Are you in retail, working with several different brands? Do you experience challenges with your product management? And what about getting an overview of sales for products with different seasons, colours and sizes?

Retail companies, whether they sell in physical or online stores, often work with several different brands. There are often different suppliers per brand, and even if there is one distributor delivering several brands, these are often separated into different quotes for the retailer.

One of the challenges is managing the products efficiently. Especially if the products are seasonal and come in different colors and sizes. In addition to this, you need to compare sales with the previous year which gives you even more challenges since the item numbers are not the same.

Anyware Retail for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps you increase efficiency for product management throughout the whole ERP-process, from purchase to sales and follow-up. And the whole process begins in Excel.

When the suppliers deliver the quote in an agreed Excel format, the Excel file is imported into Anyware Retail. The products that you want to convert into item cards in Dynamics 365 Business Central are highlighted, and through a click, the item cards are created in Business Central with all the attributes defined in the quote. If the item is available in different colors and sizes, these variants are also created for the item.

The app allows you to easily create purchase orders by applying an order matrix when ordering items in different variants. You can also make purchases for several stores at the same time with direct delivery. With Anyware Retail you also have support for replenishment to warehouses and stores. And when you want insight of the sales, the items have been added with several attributes and dimensions that follow through the entire process for an easier follow-up.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pricat – create item cataloges in Business Central by importing Excel files.
  • Attributes & dimensions – expand the item card with multiple attributes for a better follow-up.
  • Order matrix – quick order entry of items with several different colors and/or sizes.
  • Pre-order – follow up purchases from season to season.
  • Item planning – create purchase suggestions for seasonal items.
  • Replenishment – create transfer orders to stores based on replenishment proposals.

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Supported Editions:

Essential & Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, on Premise & Cloud.

Supported Countries:


Supported Languages:

Swedish & English.

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