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Calculate commissions for your salespeople and pay directly through Dynamics 365 Business Central

Automated Commission Management Anyone?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has deep functionality in many areas, but Commission Management is not one of them. Many businesses struggle with the arduous process of manually extracting sales data from the system and compile, sort, and sift through the numbers to accurately calculate salesperson commissions. Hours and hours of staff time (or worse management time) are spent that could instead be used for higher value tasks.

The standard commission functionality in Business Central supports a single salesperson per customer, and a single rate. There is no functionality to identify which items / resources are commissionable, or not, which creates a time consuming exercise. This monthly chore is something that can be radically simplified by using our Commission Management app.

Commissions by NAV-X supports multiple combinations and permutations of calculation rules that can be configured to fit even the most unique commission requirements. Commissions can be based on Gross Sales or Profit, with sliding scales based on amounts sold or discounts granted. The commissions can be accrued and posted to the financial ledgers upon: Sales Order Entry, Shipment, or Invoice posting. The value for the commissions earned can be a percentage or a fixed amount (such as $x.xx per case). The system even supports multiple salespersons per order and per line. Salesperson splits can be based on 100% of the transaction amounts, or a shared percentage. The salespeople can be configured by Customer and by Ship-to, and the system functionality even supports Salesperson Groups to simplify the configurations.

The configuration of commission value calculation can be generic, or can be specific by Item, Item Category, Customer, Customer Group, Resource or even G/L Account based. Commissions are accrued to newly mapped G/L Liability and Expense Accounts, and can be processed as Vendor Invoices when a periodic routine is run. Calculation of commission due can be determined by Payment status, including options about partial or full payments. Commissions payable can even expire when a sales invoice becomes delinquent.

So next month end when you spend hours and hours extracting data to calculate commissions, take a moment and remember…. Commissons by NAV-X can keep real time accrued amounts on your financials, and create payment invoices with the click of a button.

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Supported editions:

NAV-X Commissions supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:

NAV-X Commissions is currently available in: Canada, United States