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Extra bundled functionalities based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

NORRIQ BCA is an add-on based on our many years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for numerous accounting departments in various sectors.

Faster, user-friendly and optimized
NORRIQ BCA contains extra bundled functionalities which are common in a lot of industries to make standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central more straightforward and user-friendly

Extra bundled functionalities are :

    • incorporate our expert knowledge, gained through experience, into the ERP system.
    • Improve standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central functionality with solutions for common business problems.
    • Improve user-friendliness
    • Free the end-user from time consuming repetitive tasks
A few examples of functionalities:
  • Sales/Purchase Order Book: this gives an overview of all the sales/purchase (order) lines. The user can extract the needed information by setting the correct filters, making this tool very flexible.
  • Budget Control: the user can use Budget Control to monitor the budget funds available for planned and actual purchases and expenditures. The budget can be defined on the level of the GL Accounts for primary budget control.
  • Dimension Correction Tool: Making correction journals during period-end close can be time-consuming. If it concerns corrections on analytical postings, so on a dimensional level in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the user must create actual postings in standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to correct dimensions on posted entries. NORRIQ BCA helps users overcome this time consuming correctional activity by allowing the user to change dimensional posting history using the Dimension Correction Tool.
  • Extra parameters on Sales & Receivables Setup or on Purchase and Payables Setup: extra functionalities as for example, block invocing from orders, sales or purchase prices mandatory, no invoicing without order match.
Supported Editions:

All Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Editions

Supported Countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, USA, Luxembourg, France, Norway, Poland, Nigeria, Kenya, Mozambique, Sweden, Bulgaria & Italy.

Supported Languages:

English, French, Dutch & German

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