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Drink-IT enables beverage companies to automate and streamline their business processes.

Are you looking for a solution that supports your beverage specific processes to scale your growing business? Are you looking for a partner that guides you through implementing beverage best practices?

This industry solution covers the unique challenges Breweries, Distilleries, Wholesalers, Cider and Soft Drinks producers face by combining a set of Apps in your own ecosystem:

Tax Management - Calculate, and report excises based on all movements in and out of a bonded location or based on the sales and purchase invoice.

Empty Goods & Deposit Management - Keep track of your kegs, bottles, crates and pallets. Have an overview of customer and vendor deposit balances per type.

Sales- & Purchase Conditions - Charges, promotional items and discounts by multiple levels implemented with a commercial, logistic or payment incentive in combination with a volume commitment.

Advanced Sales Management - Benefits for efficient order intake, using a fast and user-friendly entry page with extended sorting and filtering of items, and showing historic information.

Logistics - Plan your orders efficiently to trucks with drivers, or shipping agents, based on constraints in weight, pallet places or other.

Beverage Production - Combines a number of enhancements extending to the production process in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Alcohol Balance - Shows a fully integrated trail balance of Liters Alcohol by strength.

EMCS - Offering full process integration with the European Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS), enabling the e-AD electronic exchange on any inbound and outbound goods movement.

Event management - Providing a 360° view on events providing beverages, reserving loan material and returning goods.

Contract Management - Facilitate and connect outlets and pubs by contractual agreements, including rent, loans, loan in use items and others with fixed and volume based financial settlements.

Supported Editions:

All Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Editions

Supported Countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, USA, Luxembourg, France, Norway

Supported Languages:

English, French, Dutch & German

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