XPR365 Peppol by Billit

by Scapta

Send and receive electronic invoices safely through Peppol by Billit

Beta Release!

XPR365 Peppol by Billit is a ready-to-use cloud solution that can be used for sending and receiving electronic invoices safely through Billit, an official Peppol access point.

Avoid invoice fraud. Send your invoices securely through Peppol.

Thanks to our own Peppol access point, with Billit, you can securely send your e-invoices through the European Peppol network. The standardised UBL format ensures that your invoices are correctly read and processed by companies around the world. This is both fast and secure. In several European countries, invoicing through Peppol is now mandatory if you want to work with government services. Since 2017, all invoices to Flemish government services must be sent digitally to the Mercurius platform. Go digital with your company and discover the benefits of the user-friendly UBL invoice and the Peppol network.

Supported editions

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Premium.

Supported languages

English, Dutch and French.

Supported Countries

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