DYCE Price List Import

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Import vendor price lists and update purchase prices easily

Improve your purchase process with DYCE Price List Import

We originally developed DYCE Price List Import with the goal of enabling IT companies such as system integrators and managed service providers to seamlessly import price lists from different vendors into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. However, the app can also be used across industries by all companies working with complex price lists from different vendors. Our extension supports and simplifies complex purchase processes. Handling is simpler, so processes move faster; errors are reduced because importing price lists requires less manual effort.

Benefits and features:

  • Less time is spent on administrative tasks
  • Purchase prices do not need to be updated manually in master data
  • Purchase prices are updated in items and catalog items and are always up-to-date
  • Thanks to purchase history, prices can be compared over time
  • Import only the purchase prices you need: a highly flexible filter allows you to import only the lines that are relevant to you
  • Purchase prices for different vendors are saved in a single item; the item is identified by manufacturer code and manufacturer item number
  • Users can create different templates for different price lists

Use Case

The employee handling the purchase process in an IT company regularly receives price lists of Microsoft CSP items from certain vendors. These price lists include the current purchasing terms and conditions for all the items sold by the vendor. The user now wants to transfer these price lists to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

  • DYCE Price List Import allows the user to import the price lists as catalog items
  • If an item already exists, prices are updated automatically
  • Prices with limited validity (from-until) are stored in the purchase prices of the items
  • The vendor number as well as other information is completed automatically

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