Channel Payments Manager for Usio

by Suite Engine, LLC

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A payments workflow app that processes payments from within Business Central.

Do you need an easy way to accept and process customer payments? What about an easy-to-install system that your staff can rely on to process credit card payments from platforms like Usio?

The Channel Payments Manager (CPM) app by Suite Engine is a workflow payments integration embedded within Dynamics 365 Business Central.


  • Our software works "out of the box" with the platforms we have integrated with, like Usio. It's not just a tool.


  • Designed to be self-installed and set up.


  • Create credit card payments directly from the Business Central customer card.
  • Enter credit card payments from sales orders and posted invoices, then automatically apply these payments to the related entries.
  • Record credit card payment authorizations against sales orders, then capture these authorized amounts later.
  • Establish sales order thresholds to prevent the release or shipment of orders without an authorized payment.

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  • More than one payment platform? No problem - Connect to multiple platforms.

Supported Editions: Essential and Premium

Supported Countries and Languages: United States (English)

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