Advanced Inventory Adjustments

by Ternpoint Solutions LP

Control which G/L Account is used as the Inventory Adjustment Account when posting an Item Journal.

When posting an inventory transaction, the Debit and Credit entries are directed by the Inventory Account in the Inventory Posting Setup and the Inventory Adjustment Account in the General Posting Setup. 

The current General Posting Setup only allows one option for the Inventory Adjustment Account, based on the combination of the Gen. Business Posting Group and Gen. Product Posting Group. This may not be ideal for every reason for an inventory adjustment. 

What if a different account should be used based on the reason for the Item adjustment? 

Typically, you would need to research the multiple postings to the Inventory Adjustment Account and move the balances to the correct G/L Account using a journal entry if you needed these adjustments to be reflected in various G/L Accounts rather than just the one in the General Posting Setup.  

With this app a batch can be set up to use a different inventory adjustment G/L Account when posting, based on a selection of the Gen. Bus Posting Group. This allows you to seamlessly post to various G/L Accounts based on the selected journal batch and/or reason for the adjustment.  

  • More accurately post inventory adjustments to different G/L Accounts rather than just one 
  • Results in better visibility at the General Ledger level for inventory adjustments 
  • Adds another level to the General Posting Setup matrix for the Inventory Adjustment Account setup 

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Supported Editions  : This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

Supported Countries   United States, Canada 

Supported Languages English  

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