Slovak Banking Operations Essentials

by Solitea, a.s.

Adds specific payment information to purchase and sales documents as used in Slovakia

Do you need to record specific information about payment to your purchase and sales documents? Do you want to simplify creating of bank account cards?

Although this is slowly being abandoned, it is still appropriate to record several payment identifiers on documents in Slovakia, which are then used in automatic banking operations. If you need regularly create new bank accounts for your vendors or customers, you often have to enter the same information about the bank repeatedly, e.g. SWIFT code. Do you want to ease your life a little? Slovak Banking Operations Essentials app will make this part of your work more comfortable and convenient.

This little app is a basic extension for banking functionality in Slovakia, conveniently allowing users to record specific payment information directly on sales, purchase and even service documents. The information captured in this way is then recorded in the customer and supplier entries and can be used in other processes related to your bank orders and statements.

The app features:

  • Payment identifiers on sales, purchase and service documents
  • Retention of payment identifiers in customer and vendor ledger entries
  • Simplify the creation of company, customer and vendor bank accounts through local bank templates

Supported Editions
This app supports the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Supported Countries

Supported Languages

Slovak (Slovakia), English (United States)

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