Advance Payments for Slovakia

by Solitea, a.s.

Ability to register advance payments and related documents as used in Slovakia.

Do you need to register advance invoices? Does the settlement of advance payments take more then a month? Do you need to take into account the amount of advance on final invoice?

In your business, you may encounter situations when ask your customers or your suppliers require you to pay some financial amount in the form of an advance even before the order or contract begins to be implemented. In the case of receiving or sending an advance payment, its settlement can be carried over to the next VAT period, which creates the necessity to register the VAT document for such payment. And finally, it is necessary to take into account the use of an advance payment against the billing invoice. Do you need to track such processes in ERP? The Advance Payments for Slovakia application is prepared for this purpose.

Advance Payments for Slovakia is an extension for Dynamics 365 Business Central that adds new options to its business functionalities. It allows you to issue advance invoices and register payments for the created advance invoices. For the advance payment, the user can create a VAT document, either automatically or manually. The advance payment can be assigned to the billing invoice and thus carry out advance application.

The extension allows:

  • Creation of advance documents
  • Manual registration of advance payment
  • Automatic or manual recording of taxation of advance payment
  • Assigning of advance payment to an order or invoice
  • Possibility of partial use of advance payment
  • Possibility of excessive use of advance payment
  • Applying of several advance payments to one invoice

Supported Editions
This app supports the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries

Supported Languages

Slovak (Slovakia), English (United States)

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