Customer Item Invoice History

WebSan Solutions Inc.

The app that enables you to easily see what you charged your customers for a specific item.

Do you have a customer that claims to have special pricing? Do you want an easy way to verify the customer's claims and prevent this situation for future orders? Do you wish to increase employee productivity and improve customer satisfaction?

The Customer Item Invoice History application is the solution to your problems. This application provides a convenient listing of past posted invoice lines for a given Sell-to Customer/Item combination. It will show you what your customer was charged for a previously purchased item and provides an easy way to update the current line pricing of a given sales quote, sales order or sales invoice document. You can also set up a new customer specific pricing record from the same page so future items are priced as they should.

Give the Customer Item Invoice History application a try and easily verify pricing for a purchased item today.

Note: This app requires the Essential or Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central This app is available in the US and Canada.
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