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3PL Dynamics


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3PL Dynamics: the transition from registration to monitor and control.

3PL Dynamics is a proven standard, state-of-the-art solution which benefits from the development power of Microsoft Dynamics and the input of over 150 customers.
To fulfill your customers’ expectation of lower costs and shorter lead times, you need to be ready. Are you afraid losing customers due to the limitations of your current logistics software? Do you find it a struggle to provide your customers with real-time, up-to-date information? Or is it every week a time-consuming challenge to calculate and invoice the correct costs? As a logistics service provider, you understand the importance of processes and information flows. Not only your business but also those of your clients depend on your IT solution. That is why Boltrics developed a future-proof branch standard, based on the power of the Microsoft Dynamics platform.
With the latest technology, it becomes a piece of cake. By automating your logistics processes with 3PL Dynamics, you sharpen the focus on costs, efficiency, quality, and reliability, while facilitating your administrative burden.
Start enjoying the benefits of an online, all-in-one software solution specifically designed and optimized for logistics companies that need to improve their logistics administration and live up to the expectations of today’s customers.
Easily create orders, keep customers informed and generate invoices in one, single system. Gain real insight into the availability of your resources, follow orders from A to Z and take action if needed. Keep your costs low, run according to schedule and monitor quality. With a minimum of administrative actions.
  • Fixed time: go live in 3 months
  • Decrease the number of questions up to 40%
  • Reduce implementation and maintenance costs by 50%
It’s simpler than you can imagine! Request a free trial. Click on Contact Me.
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Supported editions This app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Supported countries Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Iceland, Spain, France, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Poland and Czech Republic.