Quality Requirements & Specifications


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QRS check products properties meet their safety, quality, and compliance in process industry.

Quality requirements and specifications in process industry are the criteria that products, processes, and services must meet to ensure their safety, quality, and compliance with relevant regulations and standards.

Quality Requirements and Specifications may vary depending on the type, category, and origin of items and services, as well as the expectations and preferences of customers and consumers. Different countries and regions may have different Quality Requirements and Specifications for food products and services, which may pose challenges for international trade and market access. Therefore, industry stakeholders need to be aware of and comply with the Quality Requirements and Specifications applicable to their products and services, and ensure their verification and validation through testing, inspection, and certification.

Compliance and end-customer requirements are the cornerstones of the procurement and sales processes. With Quality Requirements & Specifications we want to ease and secure these processes by setting up specific Quality Requirements and specifications for customers and vendors then check for any inbound / outbound processes that the submitted products/lots are matching.

Quality requirements and specifications may include:

  • The physical, chemical, microbiological, and sensory characteristics of products, such as size, weight, color, flavor, texture, nutrient content, grading, allergen, etc.
  • The labeling, packaging, and documentation specifications
  • The acceptable inspection status
  • Minimum shelf-life requirements
  • Etc…

Quality requirements and specifications require product to be lot tracked. When receiving products that do not match expectations then alerts on Deviations are raised and may be recorded. On the sales side, Quality requirements and specifications ensure that only lots matching the customer requirements are being selected.

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