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by Cap Vision

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Send your documents to cloud printing services.

CAP Office - Printer Connectors enables you to print directly to your local printers from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Thanks to multiple connectors, you can simplify your printing flow the way it fits for your company. We currently support the following services:

  • ezeep*: this service connects your local printers to the cloud.
  • PrintNode*: this service connects your local printers to the cloud.
  • Azure Storage*: store your documents to Azure Blob Storage or Azure File Storage. You can archive your documents or let them being handled by another service looking at your storage.
  • E-mails: send your documents to your printer e-mail address and your document being printed (only for manufacturer that support printing by e-mail).
  • Rest API: send your documents to an external API.

Apply transformations* on printed document with the following capabilities:
- add an image or a text on each document page to mark it.
- add a PDF at the beginning or the send, for instance, to add your sales conditions.

* extra costs may apply for these services.

Features and benefits using this extension

  • Reduce the number of actions required to print
  • Speed up your printing flow in your warehouse or production department
  • Get control on your printed document with printing logs
  • Optimize your paper costs by setting the tray, monochrome or duplex mode per printer

Supported languages

English, French

Supported editions

This app supports both Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries

All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

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