Adriatic Localization CRO

by DignetSoftware d.o.o.

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Enables to the clients to work according to the legal requirements in Croatia and in native language

These extensions support Croatian legal requirements in Dynamics 365 BC.

1. VAT forms (VAT Statement, VAT-S, VAT-ZP, OPZ-stat)
2. VAT Forms with option for import to e-Tax service
3. VAT books (issued/received invoices)
4. Open entries of customer and vendor (IOP)
5. Customer or vendor detailed trial balance
6. Item card report
7. Trial balance
8. Printout of sales documents according to Croatian regulations

1. Integration with the banks through SEPA format files
2. eInvoice–Standard (sending invoices, multiple attachments with eInvoice, receiving invoices)*
3. eInvoice–Advance (automation of some eInvoice functionalities and added more automatic check-ups)
4. Modified prepayment invoices and credit memos
5. Exchange rate download
6. Posting Compensation Proposal

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