Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture


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Document Management with bulk emailing, SharePoint document capture and no cost Express version

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Is paper still at the heart of your business processes? How much time does your company spend filing and retrieving paper documents?

Zetadocs helps small and mid-sized businesses streamline document-based finance processes, freeing you from paper and improving the way your business operates. Finance departments, customer service teams, sales and operational teams can work together more efficiently on screen, saving time and costs while reducing delays in finding documents.

Zetadocs Delivery benefits
  • Automate email batches Group multiple emails for the same recipient together, schedule batches to run as a background tasks and send emails from a shared mailbox so that replies are seen by all the team.
  • Consistent personalized content Templates ensure all emails have appropriate corporate branding, with terms & conditions and supporting documents automatically appended.
Zetadocs Capture benefits
  • Automate document filing Drag and drop files directly onto the Documents FactBox, automate processing of scanned documents in batches and file them with links to appropriate financial transactions.
  • Powerful search and retrieval Documents are filed and indexed automatically and consistently, making searching for them later easier, across your organization.
Additional benefits
  • Free Zetadocs Express For up to four users at no software cost. Drag & Drop documents and Save & Send reports by email.<