Serbian Fiscalization

by GoPro doo

Integrate your retail transactions with a fiscal printer in compliance with Serbian Regulations

This app integrates Serbian Retail app (GoPro) with a fiscal printer in compliance with Serbian regulations.

The application allows integration with ESIR and LPFR when posting Retail Sales Order/Return in Business Central. The receipts print forms follow the requirements of the Serbian legislation and the Serbian Tax Authorities and contain all mandatory data.

How does the process work?

The process is completely automatic running in the background. The online communication between businesses and the Serbian Tax Authority is made through ESIR and LPFR certified by Serbian Tax Authority.

The companies should apply for a valid security element on site before starting to work with fiscalization. When the application is approved, the person liable for fiscalization receives notification about the generation of the Certificate, and how to download it electronically.

This certificate should be used for ESIR setup.

After posting the transaction in Dynamics 365 Business Central, the application sends a request in .json file for every type of document that should be fiscalized and gets back a confirmation with fiscal number, fiscalization date and time, url address of fiscal journal, etc. from the tax authority. In case the transaction is posted, but not fiscalized it can be fiscalized later. This can be done by using the resend functionality.

Error processing is enabled through fiscalization log, as well as fiscalization tracking.

Supported countries:

The app is available in Serbia.

Supported Languages:

The app is available in Serbian (Serbia) and English (United States)

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