Advanced Business Functionality

by Intelligent Systems

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Enhance your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with additional functionalities

Are you looking for ways to improve your work with Dynamics 365 Business Central? As a key user of the ERP system, you know that the standard functionality has some restrictions which slow down your work. Therefore, we identified the areas that need improvement, and we created the Advanced Business Functionality app. It will help you save time and automate some main processes in the system.

The Advanced Business Functionality app provides you with additional capabilities related to accounting, sales, and operations activities. Let`s dive into what it has to offer:

  1. Extended user permissions: Operator restrictions to current date; location restrictions per User ID; batch restrictions per User ID.
  2. Mandatory Document fields and Nomenclatures: Users can predefine the fields that must be filled while they are working both with nomenclatures (such as Items, Customers and Vendors) and documents.
  3. Search for Exact Price / Discount: Allowing users to modify the handling of both Prices and Discounts by the system.
  4. Compensations: Proper handling of balances of counteragent that acts as a customer and vendor simultaneously.
  5. Applying Documents rule: A policy that does not allow users to post an application between similar types of documents.
  6. Auto Reservation in Sales Order and Transfer Order: An option allowing operators to create item reservations per all Sales/Transfer order lines simultaneously with just one click instead line by line.
  7. Auto Tracking in Orders and Item Journals: Another timesaving option allowing operators to create item tracking lines per all Order/Journal lines simultaneously.
  8. Cost Allocation (Revaluation Journal): Additional option allowing users to allocate different types of costs, e.g. costs of staff, material costs, special equipment, transport expenses, etc.
  9. General Business Posting Groups: Allows users to predefine General Business Posting Groups.
  10. Allow Document Deletion: Warehouse registered documents deletion in case some predefined conditions are met.
  11. Inventory Reports (via Item Journals): Three brand-new developed reports to help warehouse employees in their daily inventory routine.
  12. Sales and Items Analysis: A dynamic page provides the users with ability to aggregate data on the Item transactions in the database.

  13. Sales Prices and Discounts by Locations: Allows users to predefine Sales Price/Discount Lists per each specific Warehouse.

    ... and more.

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Supported Countries: All countries where Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.

Languages: English, Bulgarian. Translation to other languages is possible.

Supported Editions: Essentials and Premium Editions of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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